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5 “Celebrity Secrets” the Stars use in Their Daily Workouts

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I get it.

Celebs seem to make getting and staying in top shape STUPID easy.

Here’s the lowdown though, they’ve got access to the best facilities, ready-made nutrition and top personal trainers in the world. And it just so happens… that I am one of those personal trainers and whether I’m helping one of my actors drop fat for a shirtless shot on TV or adding some lean muscle to the Marvel Universe, time is of the essence.

Typically, we have 4-8 weeks to get the job done paired with very hectic shooting schedules.

Though each client and goal is different, there are key components I put in place for every client.

Whether you want the body of a star or just lose a few extra pounds here’s the inside scoop on how to train like a star.

1 – Frontloading – Most people cruise at a steady pace and intensity through their workouts with an ambitious few pushing extra hard at the end of the workout.Alas, there is a better way. Instead of waiting till the end to push the turbo button, flip it around and focus on pushing as hard as you can at the front of the workout. The first 15 or 20 minutes (after warm-up) should be high intensity and filled with your big, multi-joint movements like the squat, deadlift, push-ups and pull-ups. Keep rest periods to 30 seconds or less and utilize combination movements like the squat to press, for example.Frontloading your workouts will make the entire workout more efficient from a calorie burning standpoint. You’ll get more done in the same amount of time.

2 – Protein before Workout – Here’s a secret most people don’t know – the majority of physical change happens outside the gym.That being said, it is an absolute must to gear up nutritionally before every workout. If the goal is fat loss, the stars keep carbohydrates low or ditch them completely and opt for about 30g of protein 30-60 minutes before hitting the weights.Think of protein before a workout as an insurance policy for fueling your muscles, increasing fat burning over the following 24 hours and increasing protein synthesis which is key for muscle building (just be aware of what’s actually IN your protein).If you’re going to push yourself through a grueling workout, you might as well make the most of it, right

3- Multi-joint movements – Sure, machines are great and have their place within your routine but they shouldn’t be first place. Free weights trump machines because they force the body to stabilize through a multitude of different planes of movement.If you have an impending deadline for a set goal, I recommend spending at least 75% of your time in the gym focused on multi-joint movements such as squats, lunges, deadlifts, pull-ups, push-ups, rows and overhead presses.These movements recruit the maximum amount of muscle fibers thereby stimulating important fat-burning hormones while creating greater breakdown. In a world where fitness fads and bells-and-whistle workouts come and go, stick with the tried and true basics for best results.

4- HIIT – High intensity interval training – If you’ve tried it, you probably just rolled your eyes and if you haven’t, you’ll appreciate the joke later. HIIT at its simplest is a period of very high intensity followed by a period of very low intensity.The goal is to spike the heart rate, recover and repeat over a period of about 20-30 minutes. This method can be applied to cardiovascular exercises like sprints, jump rope, stairs, swimming or plyometrics and has been proven to be far more efficient at fat burning than its steady state counterpart.Think of a sprinter’s body and compare that to a distance runner’s body. That, my friends, is HIIT versus typical steady state (slow go) cardio. The proof is in the pushing.

5- Supplement to fill the gaps – Schedules can be hectic and it seems like the world keeps spinning faster every year. Though it is important to focus on getting the majority of your calories from whole food sources, supplements can, and should, be used to fill the nutritional gaps.The stars lean on a high quality, grass-fed protein powder to ensure they’re keeping protein levels high day in and day out. Supplementing with a top quality protein ensures they’ll keep muscle building and fat burning in high gear, energy levels high and recovery times optimal so they can continue to train at high levels.If you’re interested in using the EXACT same protein I give my clients, you can get it for yourself at

Whether or not you’ve got silver screen ambitions or simply want to take your body and your life to the next level, you can put these tips to use right away.

Push yourself in the gym and above all, do not skimp on nutrition!

No matter how effective my tips are, they won’t get you anywhere without backing it up with the right foods and supplements.

If you’d like to work with me personally, I invite you to visit me at to get started today!

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