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Love Handles and Cellulite, Be Gone! | BDO 13

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Love-Handles-and-Cellulite,-Be-GoneFor the men, it’s often the “love handles.” For the women, cellulite.  How do you tackle these problem areas within your Body Do Over?

John Schaefer shares REAL advice on how to get rid of love handles and cellulite.  He will be busting several myths including spot reduction and magic pills.  But he’s also getting real with some practical advice regarding getting more sleep, ideal rep ranges, and subjective intensity.


Love handle sand Cellulite

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why your midsection seems like the most difficult place to lose weight.
  • Why you shouldn’t count on spot reduction at your problem sites.
  • What cortisol is and how to keep it low in the body.
  • How to reduce stress in the body.
  • The gateway to fat loss in the gym; and
  • The ideal number of reps you should be hitting in the gym.
  • Why the intensity of your workouts will increase as you begin to lose weight.
  • How to speed the results that you are seeing in the mirror.
  • Why ladies should not fear heavy weights.
  • Why discomfort in the gym is critical to positive change.
  • What cellulite is and how to get rid of it.
  • Why “skinny” girls can have cellulite too.
  • How magazine-reading-based cardio is not the way to fat loss.




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