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The Magic Pill! Let’s Talk Supplements! | BDO 19

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The-Magic-Pill-Lets-Talk-SupplementsWe’ve heard your questions, and we’re here to help!  Today we are talking about a much-anticipated topic: supplements.  What are they?  Are they safe?  And perhaps most importantly, do they work?

Supplements are exactly that.  They are meant to supplement what you are currently doing. So a solid gym routine, nutrition plan, sleep schedule, and adequate hydration are all vital in this journey, supplements aren’t magic pills!

On this episode, John and Matt discuss protein powder (including vegan substitutes), juicing, multivitamins, and magic Amazonian fruits.  We end the episode with John’s top 4 supplement recommendations.


What You’ll Learn:

  • The purpose of supplementation.
  • How nutrition, sleep, hydration, and fitness all play into supplementation.
  • Why and when John recommends taking protein powder; and
  • The difference between a protein supplement and a protein meal replacement.
  • Where most of your calories are burned on a daily basis.
  • Why John is not a big fan of the juicing trend.
  • Vegan substitutes for whey and casein protein; and
  • Why BCAA supplementation is recommended.
  • What creatine is and what it does in the body.
  • The benefits of CLA and fish oil supplementation.
  • What thermogenic fat burners are; and
  • The natural alternative that John recommends.
  • The truth about garcinia cambogia and yerba mate.
  • Which supplements John recommends you take daily.




Recommended Resources:

  • Get a quick start to your perfect physique using John’s weight loss blue print “Body Do Over Quick Start” at  Or text “Body Do Over” to 55678 to get access on your phone.
  • Check in on Matt’s weight loss journey over at



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