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Weights vs. Cardio for Optimum Fat Loss | BDO 2

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Weights-vs-Cardio-for-Optimum-Fat-LossFitness should enhance your lifestyle, not take it over.  So, you should be working smarter, not harder, in the gym.  Of course the question now is weights or cardio, which one gives you more bang for your buck when it comes to losing fat?  On today’s episode, John and Matt hash it out and put an end to the confusion.

John works out only 3 hours per week!  For this to be a possibility, efficiency is the key.  You’ll learn how to lose weight quickly and efficiently by using the minimal effective dose.  Enjoy!


Weight Vs Cardio

What You’ll Learn:

  • Where exactly you should be spending your time if your goal is fat loss.
  • How long interval cardio and strength training burn calories post workout.
  • The most effective form of exercise for losing weight.
  • What interval training is; and
  • Why it is considered so effective when it comes to fat loss.
  • What sprint training is; and
  • Who it is for.
  • Different ways to incorporate sprint training into your workouts.
  • What happens to your muscles as you strength train.
  • How to repair muscles damaged during exercise.
  • How many days a week John does cardio.
  • Why you should always take at least one day off per week.
  • The minimum effective dose within your workout routine is.




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Weight vs Cardio 



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