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The 4 Exercises that will Give You the Best Overall Results | BDO 21

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The-4-Exercises-that-will-Give-You-the-Best-Overall-ResultsIf John could only do 4 exercises for the rest of his life, he shares what they would be and why.  These exercises aren’t just the best for maintaining fitness, as in John’s case, but for rapid weight loss as well.  John has tested these exercises with hundreds of clients and the results speak for themselves.

If you incorporate these 4 workouts as the foundation of your routine, body fat will practically melt off of your body.  You can learn proper form on all of these exercises by downloading our free Body Do Over Quick Start Guide at


What You’ll Learn:

  • Which of the top 4 exercises is the most effective for rapid weight loss.
  • How to modify a traditional squat if you have knee issues.
  • Where to learn proper form for all of these exercises.
  • What your posterior chain is; and
  • Why you’ll want to work it!
  • How to train yourself to do pull ups (even while at home).
  • The two most incorrectly performed workouts; and
  • How to do them correctly.




Recommended Resources:

  • Get a quick start to your perfect physique using John’s weight loss blue print “Body Do Over Quick Start” at  Or text “Body Do Over” to 55678 to get access on your phone.
  • Check in on Matt’s weight loss journey over at



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