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8 Mistakes that are Slowing Your Weight Loss | BDO 23

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The title of this episode says it all.  After reading a recent magazine article by the same name, John and Matt decided cover each one of them in detail and discuss how each works into the Body Do Over plan.

From wimpy breakfasts to not having a gym buddy, we’re putting the BDO spin on these 8 blunders.  If permanent weight loss is your goal, today’s episode will teach you how to avoid making these common mistakes.

 8 Mistakes

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to use your breakfast to kick start your metabolism for the day; and
  • What a good breakfast looks like.
  • Why cardio-heads tend to look the same all year long.
  • What the ideal rep range is; and
  • How it helps you to determine how heavy your weights should be.
  • What types of food you should be eating before your workouts.
  • How to track your calorie output during a workout.
  • Why you may want to get a workout buddy!
  • Why you shouldn’t worry if there is a sudden spike on the scale.
  • How chronic stress will halt your weight loss.
  • Which bad carbs that come before your main dishes.
  • What you should do if you want some chocolate cake.




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