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Making Sense of the Science with Kelly LeVeque | BDO 25

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Making-Sense-of-the-Science-with-Kelly-LeVequeBurning fat and building muscle is a science.  And that science boils down to regulating blood sugar levels.  Imbalanced blood sugar can lead to the storing of fat and the loss of muscle cells and metabolism.  Not good.

If you understand the science, staying fit will never be an issue for you.  Kelly Leveque, of, joins John and Matt to break the science down into simple terms, staying true to the show’s theme, “keep it simple.”


What You’ll Learn:

  • How Kelly got started in health and wellness.
  • How to best decide the right nutrition program for your body.
  • What the “fat burning zone” is; and
  • Why you need to eat enough when trying to lose weight quickly.
  • The 3 different areas that Kelly coaches clients in.
  • What bioindividuality is; and
  • How Kelly uses it to help her clients achieve their goals.
  • How to control your “hanger.”
  • Why diets like Paleo, Atkins, low carb, and Mediterranean all work.
  • Why regulating blood sugar and insulin levels are key to weight loss; and
  • What types of foods will help prevent blood sugar spikes.
  • The importance of eating fibrous carbs.
  • How to use your hunger as a cue for blood sugar imbalances.
  • What your breakfast should look like.
  • Why you should travel with healthy snacks for yourself.




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