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The Truth About Bulking Up | BDO 28

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The-Truth-About-Bulking-UpYou’ve flooded our inbox with your success stories and questions, and for that, we thank you!  One of the most common themes to these emails is about “bulking up.”  A short and skinny man looking to add 30 pounds of muscle.  An overweight woman concerned that strength training will give her “man muscles.”  Today, the three amigos, John, Matt, and Kelly, will be clearing up the confusion.

Whether you want to bulk up, tone up, or just lose fat, there are some facts you need to know to assure you reach your goal.  Enjoy!


What You’ll Learn:

  • What the exceptions (women with high testosterone) should do.
  • The importance of a full range of motion when working out.
  • The ideal rep range.
  • How to schedule your cardio to bulk up.
  • Why women may seem to “bulk up” at the beginning of a fitness routine.
  • The types of food that can lead to bulking in certain women.
  • How to avoid starting over every Monday.
  • How to use bodyweight in your exercises.




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