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One Word for You Today: Abdominals! | BDO 32

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One-Word-for-You-Today-Abdominals“Washboard Abs” seem to be the universal symbol of a fit physique, thus everybody wants them.  But there is a lot of bad advice out there about how to get them.  Here’s the truth: Suffering through thousands of crunches, trying late night infomercial ab machines, and wearing electrodes around your stomach while you watch TV will never get your tummy ripped!

Today, our very own John Schaeffer explains how he is able to keep his 6-pack abs with only 15 minutes of targeted exercise per week!  He will be sharing the 3 most effective exercises you can do to create your very own washboard abs, as well as some awesome tips and tricks to speeding the process to a toned tummy.




What You’ll Learn:

  • What bioelectric impedance is; and
  • Why you shouldn’t rely on it too heavily.
  • The reason that Kelly prefers using calipers when checking body fat percentage.
  • How often you should be using the scale.
  • Why doing 1,000 crunches is a complete waste of time.
  • Use free weights rather than ab machines.
  • John trains abs 15 minutes per week max!
  • The 3 most effective exercises for developing your abs.
  • When to inhale/exhale on your ab exercises.
  • The ideal rep range for your ab exercises.
  • The abdominal muscle that you should avoid using weights with.
  • Why you should work out your upper abs before going down to your lower abs.
  • Why you must be doing squats, deadlifts, pushups, and pull ups for strong abs.
  • How to change up your cardio for fast fat loss in your midsection.
  • The importance of working a full range of motion.
  • How hormones play into your cardio workout.
  • The truth in the saying “more pain, more gain.”
  • Why sitting with proper posture throughout the day can help you increase your core strength.




Recommended Resources:


Kelly Leveque Three Best Exercises for Tone Abs Podcast Infographic



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