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4 Training Techniques to Bust Through a Plateau | BDO 34

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4-Training-Techniques-to-Bust-Through-a-PlateauThe time will come where your body stops responding to exercise the way it once did.  What to do when this happens?

Today, John shares four training techniques you can implement today to get back on the road to great results.  These techniques will help push you past your current limits and allow you to bust through even the most stubborn plateau.  Enjoy!




What You’ll Learn:

  • Why trying to set personal bests in the weight room is important for men and women.
  • The importance of “switching it up” in the gym.
  • What the rest-pause technique is; and
  • How pushing out just one extra rep can push your body above where it’s been.
  • How to burn more calories with drop sets; and
  • How to incorporate it into your current routine.
  • Why you may want to do a monster set to switch up your routine.
  • What isometric training (static training) is.
  • When to use these different techniques.
  • What shorting is; and
  • How Matt has used it to break through his own plateaus.






Recommended Resources:


Bust Through a Plateau Podcast Infographic



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