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The Fat Revolution with Christine Cronau | BDO 35

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Christine Cronau The Fat RevolutionIf you needed further social proof, today we are interviewing the incredibly fit, Christine Cronau.  Christine is a well-respected nutritionist who has spent over 13 years researching the facts about food and fats. The results are evident in her engaging, ground-breaking books about dietary truths that have been ignored by ‘conventional wisdom’; one of which is that dietary fat is not causing obesity and disease, and that in fact, low-fat diets make us fat—and sick

Today John, Matt, and Christine expand on why butter and real fats make us slim. Enjoy!




What You’ll Learn:

  • How a low-fat vegetarian made Christine ill.
  • Why elite athletes can still be overweight.
  • The reason Christine recommends a fairly low amount of carbohydrates.
  • How she used ketosis to help her get well; and
  • How she is able to stay fat adapted even though she eats carbs.
  • Why a high fat diet helps to curb cravings.
  • How the human diet shifted from fat-based to carb-based.
  • The history of heart disease and corruption related to the American Heart Association.
  • How long you can expect your body and health recomposition to take.
  • What the fastest way to heal your body is.
  • How to get rid of your insulin resistance.
  • What the “low carb flu” is.
  • What happens when you eat “too much” fat.
  • How toxins in your environment can lead to fat retention.
  • Why you shouldn’t focus on weight loss as much as health.




Recommended Resources:


Christine Cronau The Fat Revolution Podcast Infographic



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