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5 Reasons the Scale Isn’t Moving | BDO 38

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5-Reasons-Scale-Isnt-MovingHit a plateau? Scale stopped moving?  John is back in the studio and he and Matt are discussing the 5 most common reasons that your weight loss efforts may have stalled.

If you have hit a wall in your journey, don’t do anything drastic just yet!  Grab a pen and paper and see if you are making one of these fat-loss stalling mistakes.  Enjoy!



What You’ll Learn:

  • Why it’s easy to overestimate your workout efforts and underestimate your calorie consumption.
  • Why you may want to start a food journal.
  • The key to getting any workout plan to work for you.
  • How being a creature of habit may stop your scale from moving.
  • Why juicing is not a good solution for fat loss.
  • The importance of relaxing weekends after stressful weeks.
  • Why staying grateful may help your scale start moving again.
  • How eating too few calories can cause you to hold on to fat.
  • How to know if you are eating too little or too many calories (without calorie counting).






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5 Reasons The Scale Is Not Moving Podcast Infographic 



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