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Your Gateway to Getting Lean | BDO 51

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Your-Gateway-to-Getting-LeanWhether you are just getting started or you’ve hit a plateau in your journey, you should be aware of the gateway to getting lean.  And it’s simpler than you might have thought.  Today John shares 6 things to incorporate into your gym routine that will speed up your fat loss.




What You’ll Learn:

  • Your most valuable asset when you are hitting the gym.
  • How often you should work out your legs; and
  • Why you shouldn’t overdo it.
  • Why you should “start with the big ones.”
  • The two exercises that you should really focus on.
  • What it means to “go for depth;” and
  • How it will make you stronger.
  • The importance of mixing up your foot placement.
  • Why you need to avoid locking out.
  • How to throw curveballs into your workouts.



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