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3 Sources of “Get Your Butt in the Gym” Motivation | BDO 62

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3 Sources of Get Your Butt in the Gym MotivationSkipping the gym is easy and there are a million reasons why you could put it off until tomorrow.  But if you really want to meet your fitness goals, you’ve got to create a gym routine and stick to it!  Today John and Matt discuss how to leverage rewards, pressure, and fear to keep yourself motivated to hit the gym.  Enjoy!



What You’ll Learn:

  • How to use rewards to motivate yourself to achieving your fitness goals.
  • Why having a gym partner can be so effective.
  • How to publicly declare your goals.
  • Why you may want to switch up your motivators.
  • The backbone of what drives John’s fitness.
  • How to leverage potential regret to motivate yourself.
  • The simple exercise that motivated Matt out of bagging groceries.
  • Why getting fit may not be that important to you.



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