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Concepts for Health with Dr. Art Capperauld | BDO 77

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Body-Do-Over-Podcast-Matt-Theriault-John-Schaefer-Concepts-for-Health-with-Dr-Art-CapperauldToday’s Body Do Over guest is Dr. Art Capperauld, a practitioner with 23+ years of clinical experience in the areas of health and longevity.  His unique system focuses on a person’s nutrition, structural issues, toxicity, and mental/emotional stressors as a way to achieve optimum health and fitness.  On this episode, Dr. Capperauld discusses yo-yo dieting, blood sugar, fat, alcohol, and the lesson that we can learn from the French.  Enjoy!



What You’ll Learn:

  • How health is defined by the World Health Organization.
  • The 4 things that affect a person’s health.
  • Why many doctors are ineffective at helping patients lose weight.
  • How the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting works.
  • Why Dr. Capperauld insists that his patients eat high quality fat.
  • Why people get hungry between meals.
  • How the industrial revolution affected dental and overall health.
  • What Dr. Weston A. Price learned about chronic disease and nutrition.
  • What happens when your blood sugar gets out of the ideal range.
  • How to avoid medical problems that run in your family.
  • The relationship between health and physical fitness.
  • Why Dr. Capperauld never monitors his client’s calorie intake.
  • The reason that diets fail.
  • The reason Dr. Capperauld suggests getting a medical workup when losing weight.
  • Why alcohol consumption may not be as bad as previously thought.
  • What we can learn from the French.
  • How to get your future body to thank you.



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