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Weight Loss and Hormone Replacement Therapy with Dr. Sue Decotiis | BDO 78

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Body-Do-Over-Podcast-Matt-Theriault-John-Schaefer-Weight-Loss-and-Hormone-Replacement-Therapy-with-Dr.-Sue-DecotiisToday Matt is joined by triple board-certified doctor Dr. Sue Decottis.  She is one of NYC’s top doctors in the  areas of weight loss and hormone replacement therapy (HRT).  Dr. Decottis is discussing the most effective diet in today’s environment, important nutrients and supplements, the role of toxicity in weight loss, and more!  Enjoy!


What You’ll Learn:

  • What Dr. Decotiss’ triple board certification entails.
  • What makes a person “obese.”
  • Why the body mass index can be very misleading.
  • How nutrient deficiencies can lead to lowered metabolism; and
  • Which is the most common.
  • How gut flora can affect weight.
  • Why toxicity testing may not be as simple as a blood test.
  • The diet that will lead many people to lose weight (and why it didn’t work 40 years ago).
  • The primary causes of obesity.
  • Which nutrients and supplements Dr. Decotiss recommends.
  • How our constant connectivity impacts weight.
  • The way that Dr. Decotiss approaches anti-aging protocols.
  • The reasons that bone health is incredibly important.
  • How Dr. Sue manages hormone replacement therapy.
  • Why bioidentical hormones are critical.
  • How to get a consultation with Dr. Decotiss from anywhere in the world!
  • What she is excited about for the future.




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