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5 More Nutritional Myths | BDO 89

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Today John and Matt follow up from last week’s podcast with 5 more nutritional myths that may be thwarting your success.  Ditching 1 or 2 of these commonly held beliefs may allow you to release weight that you’ve been hanging on to for years.  Enjoy!


What You’ll Learn:

  • How salt affects your body and weight loss.
  • Why saturated fat isn’t as scary as once believed.
  • The importance of good fat in your diet.
  • Why you should consider how you cook your meat.
  • What types of eggs you should eat and how often.
  • Why carbs are not the enemy!
  • What your carb intake should look like if you are trying to drop weight.
  • How carbs help you to build muscle.
  • The importance of eating whole foods.



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