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Men vs. Women and their Weight Routines | BDO 9

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Men-vs-Women-and-their-Weight-RoutinesHow much weight is enough? Should women work out differently than men? Should women use weights at all if they don’t want to get “bulky,” and if so, how much weight should they use?  Let’s face it, getting started with a good strength training routine can be confusing.

But not to worry, John answers all of these questions and more on today’s episode. A miss-listen for our female audience, so many myths and misconceptions will be eliminated!  Enjoy!


Men vs Women 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why women should not worry about bulking up by lifting weights.
  • How sex hormones play into how you put on muscle.
  • Why lean muscle mass is like residual income.
  • The 2 things you must do to get bulky.
  • Why it is so important to exercise with a full range of motion.
  • Why strength training should be a part of everyone’s fitness routine.




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