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3 More Habits That Are Stifling Your Results | BDO 93

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Body-Do-Over-Podcast-Matt-Theriault-John-Schaefer-3-More-Habits-That-Are-Stifling-Your-ResultsFollowing up on last week’s podcast, today we are exploring 3 more habits that are guaranteed to slow your ability to slim down.  Plus, learn what John’s fit-spirational Thanksgiving tradition looks like (p.s. he stuffs his face like the rest of us!)  Enjoy!


What You’ll Learn:

  • What John’s Thanksgiving tradition looks like.
  • How eating too little can deter you.
  • The only way to rebuild the muscle breakdown you create in the gym.
  • How to determine a ballpark figure of the calories you need.
  • The importance of avoiding injuries; and
  • The most common injury that John has seen over the years.
  • Which lifts are the most complex.
  • Where you can get good advice on form.
  • How much cardio you should do if you want to get lean.
  • John’s 30 fitness promise.



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