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Are You Fat Loss Resistant? | BDO 86

Are you someone who eats the “right” foods and hits the gym daily, but still can’t seem to change the number on the scale?  You might be fat loss resistant! Today John and Matt explain how to determine if your [Read More...]

Why the Deadlift? Women, You’re Not Excluded | BDO 85

Imagine you were limited to one exercise for the rest of your life.  What would you do?  Whether you are trying to drop fat or get ripped, the deadlift is the way to go!  Today John explains how to master [Read More...]

Back to the Basics… That Work | BDO 84

There are hundreds of approaches and systems when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off.  In fact, over the last several weeks we have explored quite a few of them here on this show.  But not only can [Read More...]

What They’re Not Telling You About Recovery | BDO 83

Should you work out when you are sore?  Can you minimize sore muscles after a tough workout?  How can you improve recovery with your nutrition?  Today John is back in the studio to bust some myths and share his top [Read More...]

The Twinkie Diet with Dr. Mark Haub | BDO 82

We’ve asked the question many times before: Is a calorie just a calorie?  When faced with the same question, Dr. Mark Haub decided to find out for himself with an extreme experiment.   For 10-weeks the professor of human nutrition went [Read More...]