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Get Leaner, Go Faster with Matt Fitzgerald | BDO 81

Today Matt is interviewing certified sports nutritionist, extreme athlete, and phenomenal author, Matt Fitzgerald.  Matt and Matt are discussing the importance of escaping the cult-like extremism of modern-day diets and why neither of them believe there is a single right [Read More...]

Fallacy of the Calorie with Dr. Michael Fenster | BDO 80

Today Matt settles the debate once and for all: Is losing and maintaining weight as simple as calories in vs. calories out?  To help explore the issue, Matt is interviewing Dr. Michael Fenster, a board certified interventional cardiologist who has [Read More...]

Weight Loss for Life with Melissa Kathryn | BDO 79

Today Matt welcomes a fabulous guest to the show, Ms. Melissa Kathryn.  Melissa has coached hundreds of women around the world, helping them transform their bodies and lives through the power of healthy living, unique nutrition styling, and inspired fitness [Read More...]

Weight Loss and Hormone Replacement Therapy with Dr. Sue Decotiis | BDO 78

Today Matt is joined by triple board-certified doctor Dr. Sue Decottis.  She is one of NYC’s top doctors in the  areas of weight loss and hormone replacement therapy (HRT).  Dr. Decottis is discussing the most effective diet in today’s environment, important [Read More...]

Concepts for Health with Dr. Art Capperauld | BDO 77

Today’s Body Do Over guest is Dr. Art Capperauld, a practitioner with 23+ years of clinical experience in the areas of health and longevity.  His unique system focuses on a person's nutrition, structural issues, toxicity, and mental/emotional stressors as a [Read More...]