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This is what the big brand name proteins are trying to hide from you! (disgusting!)

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secret brands of protein powder
Imagine a world where what you always knew was healthy for you was actually the polar opposite, causing your body harm and pushing you away from your goals. Unfortunately, this is not a plot pulled from a J.J. Abrams Sci-Fi flick but the true story of the protein powder industry.

The protein powder industry is BIG business and, to this day, still largely unregulated.

This means that in order to increase margins, these huge, name brand companies are certainly taking liberties with what they’re putting into their products and, in turn, what they’re putting into your body.

I won’t name names but these are the protein powders and drinks you see in every gym, every gas station, every supplement store and pushed the most in advertisements. Buyer beware.

If you’ve been using these mainstream, well-known protein powders (heck, I used to), you may want to sit down.

First of all, have you ever tried to read the ingredients on the bottle? “Are these ingredients or part of an algebra problem?” There’s a rule when it comes to eating or drinking anything – if you can’t understand the ingredients, neither can your body.

Foreign chemicals DO NOT react well in the human body and can lead to digestive problems, increased cortisol levels (the body’s main stress hormone), increased body fat and, worst of all, major health issues over time.

So what exactly are they hiding?

Well, let’s just say I cannot believe I ever put this stuff into my body.

dishusting secret fat protein

1. Whey from Corn Fed Cows – Let’s be real here. Whey protein is derived from dairy. Dairy comes from cows.What the cows get, you get. It’s as simple as that. The big producers have been feeding their cows corn and corn byproducts (yuck!) for a while now which is a completely unnatural food for cows, all to increase profit margins.

To put this in perspective, it takes grass-fed cows 4-5 years to reach the proper weight and size where it takes corn-fed cows only 5-6.  Additionally, these corn-fed hybrids carry a much higher body fat ratio and, due to the unnatural diet, have much higher acidic PH levels internally.

The increased acidity levels are toxic to cows, so they are then put on antibiotics to counteract the effects.

This stuff is scary, very real, and almost everywhere you look. Google it!

2. Hydrolized or Denatured Protein – The building blocks of natural protein have a very specific shape and function that allows them to efficiently and safely absorbed by the body. When protein becomes hydrolized or denatured, it changes shape, setting off a horrific domino effect that wreaks havoc on the body.

These processing methods give rise to aspartic acid and glutamic acid which both carry toxic profiles.

3. Artificial Sweeteners – Again, foreign foods and chemicals are guaranteed to cause you harm over time. Fake sweeteners like Aspartame and Sucralose have become so commonplace everywhere you go that they’ve almost become acceptable.

Yale has concluded that the obesity pandemic is directly correlated with the burgeoning inclusion of artificial sweeteners in the global diet.

A recent study by the Health Professionals Follow Up Study and the Nurses’ Health Study looked at evidence spanning over 20 years and, without a doubt, concluded that aspartame (and like artificial sweeteners) caused cancers such as myeloma, lymphomas and leukemia.

I swear, this stuff should be illegal.

4. Spiking Protein with Fillers – Driven by another attempt to increase margins, big protein companies are cutting the actual amount of protein they put in their products and filling it instead with substances like creatine, gluamine or taurine which cause the product to “appear” to have more protein than it actually does.

The worst part is, as of now, this is completely legal. Make sure you read the labels with any new product. As long as there are certain “protein markers” within a product, there is no clear line on what producers can’t put in your body.

The list goes on and on and, even with just a few points, you can see how detrimental this stuff is for you.

The reason I’m writing this article is not to create a fear of all protein powders, rather to educate and open your eyes to what is actually going on. As with all stormy skies, there is a silver lining and a better way to get what you need.

When I initially learned about everything that was wrong with most protein powders, I wasn’t only disappointed, I was angry.

How was this being allowed to go on??

Instead of sticking my head in the sand, I decided to first look for a better option. I began to look to grass-fed proteins to fill the gaps in my nutrition. Though I was able to find several options, they all tasted like vanilla flavored chalk.

Given my background and experience with fitness and nutrition, I said “enough is enough!” .

And decided to create our own all-natural, grass-fed whey protein. Body Do Over whey protein is built against the grain of everything you’ve just learned.

Our cows are 100% grass-fed, happy cows.

The milk is cold treated so as not to denature the proteins (which you just learned about.) We use stevia as a sweetener which is 100% organic and plant based. We happily highlight all our ingredients and amino acid profile on our bottles and, to top it all off, this is the best tasting protein I’ve ever tried.

Don’t believe me? Check out what our happy customers are saying.

I feel so strongly about this topic that even if you don’t give us a try, I truly hope you’ll take this information to heart and opt for a better option moving forward.

That being said, why wouldn’t you give us a try? Our protein is 100% guaranteed.

If it doesn’t meet your expectations, simply let us know and I will personally see that you get your money back.

Cheers to a happier, much healthier you.

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