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Switching It Up For New Progress | BDO 97

Even with the holidays just behind us, John is in the best shape he has ever been in!  How did he manage to do it, while most of us tried to be able to button our pants?  The answer is [Read More...]

The Micros to Obsess Over in the New Year | BDO 96

If health and fitness are part of your New Year’s resolutions this year, set yourself up for success by adopting these 3 micro habits.  If you’ve decided 2016 will be your best year ever, commit to these micros diligently for [Read More...]

Less Food or More Exercise for Optimal Weight Loss? Dr. Luiza Petre | BDO 95

If you are looking to trim down, what’s more important: eating less or exercising more?  Today we are settling the question once and for all with our awesome guest, Board certified cardiologist and weight loss specialist, Dr. Luiza Petre.  Enjoy! [Read More...]

Is your protein making you…sick?

Probably, yes. Fat loss is intimately tied to what you put in your body.  As we say here at Body Do Over: "You get strong in the gym and lean in the kitchen". [Tweet ""You get strong in the gym and [Read More...]

The Actual Secret to Great Abs | BDO 94

Today John and Matt are discussing how you can achieve the holy grail of fitness: rock hard abdominals.  While there is no shortcut and a six-pack will require consistent work over time, there are 3 keys to getting the abs [Read More...]