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The Twinkie Diet with Dr. Mark Haub | BDO 82

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Body-Do-Over-Podcast-Matt-Theriault-John-Schaefer-The-Twinkie-Diet-with-Dr.-Mark-HaubWe’ve asked the question many times before: Is a calorie just a calorie?  When faced with the same question, Dr. Mark Haub decided to find out for himself with an extreme experiment.   For 10-weeks the professor of human nutrition went on a junk food diet (think Twinkies, Oreos, and powdered donuts) that was calorie restricted.  The results he achieved were nothing less than shocking!  Learn more about what’s been termed “The Twinkie Diet” and how it proves the value of finding what works for you.  Enjoy!


What You’ll Learn:

  • What The Twinkie Diet is; and
  • What encouraged Dr. Haub to conduct such an experiment.
  • The 2 supplements that he ate while on his junk food diet.
  • Why Dr. Haub extended his diet from 4 to 10 weeks.
  • The reason that Dr. Haub doesn’t believe in a dogmatic approach to diet.
  • Why elimination diets can work as well.
  • The importance of finding what works for you.




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