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Less Food or More Exercise for Optimal Weight Loss? Dr. Luiza Petre | BDO 95

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Body-Do-Over-Podcast-Less-Food-or-More-Exercise-for-Optimal-Weight-Loss-Dr.-Luiza-PetreIf you are looking to trim down, what’s more important: eating less or exercising more?  Today we are settling the question once and for all with our awesome guest, Board certified cardiologist and weight loss specialist, Dr. Luiza Petre.  Enjoy!


What You’ll Learn:

  • The role that obesity plays in our society.
  • Why you cannot exercise your weight away.
  • The role of behavior modification in Dr. Petre’s program.
  • Why excess cardio can oftentimes cause weight gain.
  • The factors that contribute to how much you should be exercising.
  • The foundation of Dr. Petre’s fitness recommendation.
  • What happens when someone over-exercises.
  • The reason you shouldn’t go to bed hungry.
  • What background information Dr. Petre learns about her weight loss clients.
  • What is involved in weight loss aside from nutrition and fitness.
  • The easiest way to consume 90 less calories at every meal.
  • Why Dr. Petre encourages all of her clients to journal.
  • The biggest mistake you can make once you hit your weight loss goals.
  • What you can expect if you go through a Medi-Weightloss clinic.
  • Petre’s advice for managing your weight during the holidays.



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