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This is what the big brand name proteins are trying to hide from you! (disgusting!)

Imagine a world where what you always knew was healthy for you was actually the polar opposite, causing your body harm and pushing you away from your goals. Unfortunately, this is not a plot pulled from a J.J. Abrams Sci-Fi [Read More...]

3 More Habits That Are Stifling Your Results | BDO 93

Following up on last week’s podcast, today we are exploring 3 more habits that are guaranteed to slow your ability to slim down.  Plus, learn what John’s fit-spirational Thanksgiving tradition looks like (p.s. he stuffs his face like the rest [Read More...]

3 Habits That Are Stifling Your Results | BDO 92

Today we are discussing the 3 habits that are guaranteed to derail your progress, including the single most important consideration when trying to tone your body.  If slimming down is your goal, it is critical that you avoid making these [Read More...]

Boost Your Magic Muscle Builder | BDO 91

On today’s Body Do Over, John and Matt explore the 4 ways to increase your testosterone, which is important for a lean, toned body in men and women.  Whether you are extremely overweight or a gym rat, male or female, [Read More...]

Getting One-Sided | BDO 90

Unilateral training uses isolation to target your non-dominant side, allowing you to develop muscle evenly and in a healthy way.  On this episode John goes through the major unilateral moves, including important scales, so that you can begin incorporating them [Read More...]