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5 More Nutritional Myths | BDO 89

Today John and Matt follow up from last week’s podcast with 5 more nutritional myths that may be thwarting your success.  Ditching 1 or 2 of these commonly held beliefs may allow you to release weight that you’ve been hanging [Read More...]

5 “Celebrity Secrets” the Stars use in Their Daily Workouts

I get it. Celebs seem to make getting and staying in top shape STUPID easy. Here’s the lowdown though, they’ve got access to the best facilities, ready-made nutrition and top personal trainers in the world. And it just so happens… [Read More...]

The Top 10 Mistakes You Are Making in Your Diet Today 
(and that most fitness “gurus” aren’t telling you)

This article was not written as horror. But I guarantee you that you will be HORRIFIED at what most fitness gurus are telling you that’s actually hurting your ability to drop those extra pounds. And even worse… you won’t believe [Read More...]

5 Nutritional Myths | BDO 88

On today’s Body Do Over, we are discussing 5 nutritional myths that are so common that many people now accept them as truth.  But as he often does, John is separating the facts from the B.S. and explaining how he [Read More...]

5 Mistakes Even the Experts Make | BDO 87

On today’s podcast, John is sharing what not to do with your workouts. These mistakes not only waste time and slow your progress, they can be detrimental to your health and fitness.  So grab your pen and paper so you [Read More...]